Eating late at night keeps your body on high alert

Eating late at night keeps your body on high alert

Eating late at night keeps your body on high alert

October 13, 2016

Its pretty well established that what you eat can make you fat. But what aboutwhenyou consume it LATE.

Eating late at night affects the body in a different ways than eating a larger meal at mid-day. Calories that are consumed at night are usually not processed as efficiently as those during the day. Eating late might force you to face these symptoms:

Eating late at night keeps your body on high alert. It is advised that one should never eat within 2-3 hours of bedtime and ideally nothing after 7-7:30 pm.
Eating late dinner releases stress hormones at the time when body should be relaxing. Due to release of stress hormone one cannot sleep peacefully and this will aggravate further problem.
Eating late at night especially if you overeat/eat heavy foods lead to acid reflux, uneasiness,and weight gain.
Eating dinner late increases the risk of high B.P., heart problem, obesity,

Get up early in the morning so that you sleep early at night.
Eat moderate breakfast and moderate lunch
Have larger meal before 6 Pm. as late night eating and skipping breakfast is such an erratic pattern which is increasing day by day.
Start it by reducing portion size and choosing healthier meal options.
Brush your teeth earlier as some people find that if they brush their teeth they are less likely to indulge in late- night eating pattern.
Avoid late evening snacks especially fried ones as they remain in the tummy for longer hours and hence one may postone the dinner for further few hours.

Go for a walk after dinner.
Avoid intake of colas, coffee and tea after 6 p.m.
Don’t watch TV while having dinner. Enjoy your dinner with your loved ones. This will also lower down your stress levels.
Enjoy your journey to good health!
This article was originally published on Practo Health Feed by Ms. Raminder Kaur Deshmukh, Dietitian/Nutritionist


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